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Are we a church that is doing what matters to God?
"What in the world is God up to...and how can we help? Over the next three years, we want churches and congregations throughout New England to keep asking themselves that question. So welcome to Doing What Matters, a new Synod Mission Strategy Process in partnership with A Renewal Enterprise. Join us as we explore together what it means to be, see and do things in renewable ways that will transform the way you think about "church forever!
When we start Doing What Matters to God, we do it with the hope of seeing dramatic changes in the areas of:
¢ Meetings
¢ Budgets
¢ Our lives
¢ Our work as synod leaders
¢ Our work in New England
¢ And much more!



St. Ansgar marches in Southern Maine Pride Parade

On June 18, St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, Portland, Maine, marched once again in the Southern Maine Pride parade and staffed a booth at the festival. As in past years, they handed out dog treats along the parade route and made up 150 bags of homemade dog treats to give away. (with a parish flyer and RIC info in each bag). This year, the bags of treats were distributed by St. Ansgar kids, dressed as their favorite super heroes. A total of 25 parishioners marched and staffed the booth at the festival -- a wonderful witness to the ministry of welcoming.

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