What to Expect

There will most likely be noise in the sanctuary when you first enter. Seminary professor, Rev. Dr. Michael Aune of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary is fond of saying "architechture always wins." He's right. Try as we may to curtail talking amongst ourselves before we begin our worship, we have a tiny Narthex in which to gather so conversations inevitably take place in the sanctuary while some are trying to quietly prepare for worship. We apologize in some ways for this, but in other ways we are joyful to see our congregation have so much to say to one another about God and about life! At 10:20am, as the candles are lit and the music begins, we all then move from our greetings and busy preparations to a time of silent preparation for worship.

What's it like at Sunday Worship? What will happen when I arrive?
There will be a smiling face or two to greet you just inside the front doors and to hand you the worship bulletin for the day. Feel free to seat yourself. Only the front two right-hand pews are reserved (for the choir). Our balcony is no longer in use. There is a handicap entrance to the side of the main sanctuary doors, as well as an elevator to take you downstairs to the church basement for coffee hour after the service.

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